Encyclopedia  of bread / A.S. Romanov. -Kemerovo: OOO «Firma POLIGRAF», 2016. — 600 p.

«Encyclopedia  of bread» is a unique book devoted to the main item of food  of a man, and that item is bread! The encyclopedia comprises not only properties of feedstock, technologies of breadmaking, standards of quality of bakery products,  process facilities, but as well it speaks about the role of bread in history and culture of different peoples, in national and religious festivals and ceremonies.


«Encyclopedia  of bread» is an attempt to colligate sketchy data starting with    technologies of breadmaking up to understanding the importance of the role of bread in a person’s life. «Encyclopedia of bread» is based on analytic investigation and filing of data from different sources: monographs, course books, normative and technical documentation, trade magazines, thesis researches, industrial know-how,  practical experience, etc.

ЭХ-през-фото-14-PNGAppendices collect proverbs and superstitious beliefs, riddles, nursery rhymes and humorous sayings, where bread is mentioned, along there is a glossary of terms for breadmaking process in the Russian and English languages.



The publication will be useful for specialists of breadmaking, business managers, teachers, lecturers and students of industry-specific schools, as well as for non-specialist audiences interested in issues of breadmaking and traditions involved.


Unfortunately, the limited volume of present publication does not make it possible to  include a considerable part of practical and useful information. Out-taken materials will be published at   www.